Acclaimed Radio Duo Launch Internship Program

Dec 12, 2016 – The groundbreaking, GLAAD Award-winning gay/lesbian duo Derek and Romaine have launched a new live broadcast venture and an innovative internship program. After 12 years in satellite radio, Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson launched DNR 2.0, a new live digital radio show, available weekdays on a dedicated streaming audio channel and for download in an Audio Archive featuring more than 400 hours of digital content.

DNR 2.0 is available to subscribers through and numerous podcast apps. In February 2017, Derek and Romaine will launch a new paid Internship Program at the Studio A location in Manhattan to train the next generation of radio and digital media professionals. Derek and Romaine previously were the recipients of a Special Recognition GLAAD Award and were featured in the Out 100. For information on DNR 2.0 and the intern program, visit

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