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Meet Kelli: A great mom, fantastic cook, obsessed with travel... and married to Anne.

Meet Anne. A beautiful singer & reality TV junkie who can really shake a martini... and married to Kelli.

Welcome to our overly complicated yet strangely normal life. Get ready for an hour of crazy stories, travel, concerts, kids, guests, and cocktailing.


Kelli Carpenter and Anne Steele on vacation together, wearing sunglasses and smiling at the camera

Tune in to hear their travel stories from around the world & hear how to travel along with them and R Family Vacations.


Hear Anne’s new music from her album, Made Out Of Stars, and follow her on tour!


Kelli and Anne enjoying drinks.

Every week, Kelli & Anne feature a guest from the worlds of music, comedy, theater, TV, film, non-profits, sports, business, and so much more. From Melissa Etheridge to Sharon Gless to Judy Gold to Sue Wicks to The True Colors Fund to Ty Herndon… they always bring incredible stories. For past episodes, visit our website & subscribe for all of the exciting guests to come!


It’s five o’clock somewhere! Every week, we partner with Equality Vodka™ to present a new cocktail mix. Check out some of our featured recipes below:

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