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Talk show host Taylor Strecker on the red carpet.

The Taylor Strecker Show

Weekdays at 8-10am ET

Host Taylor Strecker delivers a burst of enthusiasm every morning on her independent radio show. Start your day with her Fix In Six, celebrity interviews, dating advice, and more.

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Rob Shuter, host of radio show Naughty but Nice from DNR Studios.

Naughty but Nice

Weekdays at 3pm ET

Rob Shuter’s hour of gossip and fun is exactly what you need to get through the afternoon. This dish delivers a pinch and never a punch.

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Co-hosts Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson of radio talk show Derek and Romaine.Derek and Romaine

Weekdays at 5-7pm ET

This GLAAD Award-winning gay/lesbian duo has built their audience for 15+ years! Derek Hartley & Romaine Patterson deliver outrageous banter you won’t find anywhere else.

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Matthew Camp, co-host of Happie Campers podcast hosted on DNR Studios.

Happie Campers

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 8pm ET

Dive into the wild world of Matthew Camp and co-host Six for an unforgettable hour of sex and celebrities. It’s weird, and you’re gonna love it.

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Kelli and Anne enjoying drinks.

#ILoveMyWife Podcast

Thursdays at 1pm ET

Anne Steele and Kelli Carpenter are married and living the best of both worlds. Tune in for a crazy whirlwind of glamorous travel, laughter, and domestic bliss.

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AnxieTEA Radio, hosted by Zara Barrie and Donny Meacham on DNR Studios.

AnxieTEA Radio w/ Zara & Donny

Wednesdays at 1pm ET

Zara Barrie and Donny Meacham serve you sex, pop, issues and advice in this exciting new show, featuring fresh voices.

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Ashlynn Salzano, host of comedy podcast Ya Know What I Mean? on DNR Studios and Hump Day Comedy Night at Coogan's.

Ya Know What I Mean?

Tuesdays at 1pm ET

Comedian, Bartender, New Yorker, and Human, Ashlynn Salzano goes live with a different co-host every week.

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Laura Heywood, known as @BroadwayGirlNYC, is starting her own radio show on DNR Studios! Prepare for interviews, sports, music, and more.

Laura Heywood Interviews

Mondays & Wednesdays at noon ET

Laura Heywood, known to many as @BroadwayGirlNYC, is bringing her bubbly personality to live radio! Hang out with special guests from all walks of life, from sports to music to even personal growth (and yes, lots of theatre as well).

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Adam Sank, one of the most recognized and accomplished openly gay stand-up comics in the country, hosts his own talk show on DNR Studios.

The Adam Sank Show (#ASS)

Saturdays at 11am ET

Comedian Adam Sank delivers humor and insight with his weekly live show. Enjoy special guests and weekly news in a fast hour of fun.

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Tim Bennett and John Nash host The Focus Group, an LGBT marketing and advertising broadcast on DNR Studios.

The Focus Group w/ Tim & John

Wednesdays at 1pm ET

As memorable class clowns in high school & and revolutionary LGBT executives, Tim Bennett and John Nash serve the savvy side of 9-to-5 over their 30-year friendship.

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Darren Nye and Jennifer Aczualdez host Tech Asylum, a talk show about tech reviews, rants, and raves.

Tech Asylum w/ Darren & Jen

Tuesdays at 8pm ET

Tech reviews, rants & raves! With TV remote controller collections, sex with Alexa Echo, & getting hot with EcoBee, you’ll have a laugh and learn about to fake it ’til you make it as a tech guru.

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