Our Shows

DNR Studios is a state of the art production facility for live digital  radio shows and recorded podcasts. We are committed to fostering bold and diverse shows that present unique points of view. Here are some of the shows powered by DNR Studios:

The Taylor Strecker Show

Host Taylor Strecker delivers a dynamic and entertaining burst of enthusiasm in the morning. Get your day started with your Fix In Six, amazing guest hosts, celebrity interviews and so much more! Subscribe now. $6.95/month. Weekdays 8-10am ET

The Derek and Romaine Show

This award winning and groundbreaking gay/lesbian duo has been entertaining and informing audiences for more than 15 years. Wild, unexpected and outrageous talk delivering advice and weird tales, these two will keep you going at the end of the day. Subscribe now. $6.95/month. Weekdays 5-7pm ET

The Adam Sank Show (#ASS)

Comedian Adam Sank delivers humor and insight with his weekly live show. Special guests and news of the week in a fast hour of fun. Hear Live or Subscribe Now. Free. Sundays at 3pm ET

I Love My Wife Podcast

Anne Steele and Kelli Carpenter are married and their lives are a crazy whirlwind of glamorous travel, laughter and domestic bliss. Hear Live or Subscribe Now. Free. Thursdays at 1pm ET

AnxieTEA Radio with Zara and Donny

Zara Barrie and Donny Meacham serve you sex, pop, issues and advice in this exciting new weekly show featuring fresh voices. Hear Live or Subscribe Now. Free. Thursdays at 8pm ET.