How To Listen

Four easy ways to listen!

After you Subscribe to DNR Plus or any of the shows in the DNR Studios network, listening to the show is as easy as 1-2-3-4! Stream episodes on the live player or add the show(s) to your smart phone or computer to enjoy as you would any other podcast, or music service at home, in the car, at work or anywhere!

  • Listen through the Live Player
    • Visit the Live Player page on on your computer or smart phone
    • On the Live Player, select the station that you would like to listen to
    • The right hand side of the player has a pull down menu to click to see/select the shows
    • Below the player, you will see a menu of all the shows by channel number
    • We encourage you to explore the other great shows on this network
    • The Live Player allows streaming access to current episodes of all shows in the network, no matter your subscription level.
  • Download To Your Computer
    • Select a desktop app for podcasts (Examples: for Mac, the Podcasts app, for Windows, iTunes)
    • Use the Private URL under Member Links on your Account page to add your favorite show to the app
    • If you are already using an outside podcast app on your phone using your Private URL, put the same app on your computer and then sync with your phone. This will put your favorite shows on your computer as well for later listening.
    • This article includes other recommended podcast app for your phone or computer.
    • Pro Tip: when copying and pasting your Private URL, if you are using a non-Apple app, change the beginning of your private url link from podcasts:// to https://.
  • Listen through the DNRcast App for iPhone and Android
    • For DNR Plus subscribers, you can access all the shows in the free DNRcast app for iPhone and DNRcast for Android. For Derek and Romaine subscribers, access the show in the DNRcast app (some app content only available to DNR Plus subscribers).
    • This app is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store for Android users and is accessible with a DNR Plus or Derek and Romaine subscription. CarPlay and Android Audio versions coming soon.
    • Log in with your user name and password. Your email address will not work as a log in. App log in is case sensitive and your user name is all lower case.
    • If you have technical issues with the DNRcast app or you are an Android user, you can also listen to all the shows with the Private URLs under Member Links on your Account page. Simply follow the instructions in the next section.
  • Listen through other Podcast apps on your mobile device
      • Log in to DNRStudios through your mobile web browser
      • Click here to go to your Account page
      • Scroll down to Member Links and then click the link for the show you want to add  (NOTE: if you have the DNR+ Package, you will see multiple links for the multiple shows included)
      • Your Podcast app should open, and prompt you to subscribe!
      • Now you have access to the Live Stream and previous episodes on the go!
      • Pro Tip: when copying and pasting your Private URL, if you are using a non-Apple app or Android app other than Podcast Addict, edit the beginning of your private url link from podcasts:// to https://. That will allow other podcast apps to read your private URL code
      • Check out the video below for a visual walkthrough! (Note: the video uses Derek and Romaine as an example, but the steps are identical for all shows)

Be sure to read our FAQ for further information!