Our Tech Interns

DNR Studios believes strongly in empowering the next generation and since our launch has hosted a variety of interns through the Ali Forney Center, Avenues for Justice and starting in 2019, tech interns from CUNY. We became aware of their program through Girls Who Code and our first intern Arafat Arman set a gold standard for talent.

Since then we have welcomed many CUNY students as tech interns and they have helped develop our DNRcast app as well as work on other tech initiatives at DNR Studios. As Arafat mentored our incoming new interns, other later interns have continued to work with us to mentor subsequent groups of interns. We are thrilled with the talented individuals who have learned and grown in our internship and have gone on to terrific careers in tech. Our thanks to all of them for believing in us and giving us the chance to believe in them.

2019: Arafat Arman

2020: Xiaoyan Zhang and Sumaiya Mahin

2021: Aiden Feriani

2022: Stefani Hermanto, Tshetrim (Tim) Lhendup, Nabila Azim, Miranda Casan, Noor Earpy

2023: (Spring) Justin Espinal, Nanae Itoi, Alan Tepoxtecati, (Summer) Ivan Rao, Andi Kolari, Ankit Kumar, Artem Guz, Kian Mahd Soltani, Lateefah Mutiu,

2024: (Spring) Marouane Hachemi, Alex Huynh, Daniel Jackson, Damin Mohsin, Guan Ying Goh, Andrew Lam,

A 2024 message from Arafat: “Looking at this list blows my mind, 2019 me would have never guessed so many talented and hardworking individuals would collaborate on this very special project for a very special company!

Thanks everyone for continuing to level up the app every day with your fantastic contributions! And a special thanks to Derek who initiated the adoption of this amazing program and kept it going for 5 years strong! Here’s to many more years of success and opportunities!”