Subscription Help

Subscription Help!

Thank you for subscribing to DNRStudios. We hope you are enjoying our many great shows. If you need assistance with your subscription, these common solutions may help!

  • How Do I Subscribe?
    • Visit the Subscribe Now page on on your computer or smart phone
    • Select the subscription level you want. DNR Plus gives you access to all the shows in the network while individual show subscriptions give you access to that show only.
    • Create a user name. Note this will be public in chat rooms and can not be changed once it has been created.
    • If you have a promo or discount code, enter it and click APPLY. You will see your free trial reflected on the page.
    • Fill in your information and credit card information. We use Stripe, a secure payment processor and adhere to strict internet protocols to prevent card and identity theft.
    • Once your subscription is active, you will receive an email from us with information on ways to listen or visit the How To Listen page for all your options.
  • What Is Included In My Subscription?
    • Individual show subscriptions give you access to a private URL (similar to Patreon or other similar subscription services) that allows you to add the show to your favorite podcast app on your smart phone or computer. You can download or live stream the show anytime, anywhere.
    • DNR Plus subscriptions give you access to private URLs that allow you to add all included shows to your favorite podcast app on your smart phone or computer. You can download or live stream the shows anytime, anywhere. iPhone users can also download the free DNRcast app in the Apple App Store and access the shows there.
    • All subscription levels include access to the Live Player, with streaming access to the current episodes of shows in the network, even shows not included in individual subscriptions plus preview channels and more.
    • All subscription levels include access to the Live Chat Room to hang out and connect with other listeners during live shows.
  • I Want To Upgrade My Existing Subscription to DNR Plus
    • If you are already subscribed to an individual show on and want to upgrade to DNR Plus or switch to another individual show, log in to and visit the Subscribe Now page. Click Select next to the level you want to move to.
    • Once you have selected a new level, you will see your Private URL(s) updated on your Account page. And if you have upgraded to DNR Plus, your existing user name and password will allow access to the DNRcast for iPhone.
    • Remember: If you have technical issues with the DNRcast app or you are an Android user, you can also listen to all the shows with the Private URLs under Member Links on your Account page. Simply follow the instructions in the next section.
    • If your previous account was on, follow the steps below in the next section.
  • How do I move my subscription to
    • These are separate websites that use separate databases so there is no easy way to move one subscription to another but this section will walk you through the steps.
    • First, create a new Subscription on
    • If you are already using an outside podcast app on your phone using your Private URL from, you will need to delete that version from your podcast app and use your new Private URL on Once you cancel your previous subscription, your old private url will stop loading new shows immediately. Make sure you have updated your podcast app for show listening before you cancel your old sub.
    • If your new subscription is a DNR Plus subscription, download the DNRcast app in the Apple App Store. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can still use your DNR Plus subscription by adding all the private URLs on your account page to your favorite podcast app or on your computer.
    • This article includes other recommended podcast apps for your phone or computer.
    • Pro Tip: when copying and pasting your Private URL, if you are using a non-Apple app or Android app other than Podcast Addict, change the beginning of your private url link from podcasts:// to https://.
    • After you are all set up on and you see that everything is working there, then go to and click the CANCEL link on your Account page. Your old subscription will cancel immediately and you will not be billed again.
    • IMPORTANT: If you forget to cancel your old subscription on you will continue to be billed there.
  • I Need To Update My Credit Card
    • Our secure payment processor automatically checks for updates from your bank for expiration dates, etc. However, sometimes you will need to update your card info for an existing or expired subscription.
    • If your subscription is active, click the link for the Billing page and enter your new card information using our secure payment processor link.
    • If your subscription has lapsed or been canceled for non-payment, use your existing user name and resubscribe. Do not create a new account. You can update your card information as you resubscribe or on the billing page.
  • I Want To Cancel My Subscription
    • We are sorry to see you go but you are free to cancel at any time.
    • Click here to go to your Account page
    • Under My Memberships, you will see two options under your subscription level. Change and Cancel. Click Change if you want to upgrade or otherwise change your subscription level. Click Cancel if you want to end your subscription.
    • IMPORTANT: Once you click Cancel, your subscription and show access ends IMMEDIATELY and can’t be reversed.
    • No refunds or credits are offered for unused portions of subscriptions.

We hope this answered your questions. Be sure to read our other Frequently Asked Questions for further information! Or Contact Us!