Fan Favorite Recipes

“We’re not a cooking show! We’re an eating show!” – Derek

Early in our show history, we would feature helpful recipes at the holidays, in particular Romaine’s cranberry sauce recipe, Derek’s classic corn pudding side dish, and a delicious crockpot ham recipe provided by one of our show guests. in addition we have encouraged our listeners to check out the NY Times Thanksgiving Dinner Guide and from Martha Stewart: Martha Stewart’s classic turkey brine and Martha Stewart’s Perfect Roast Turkey. Everything you need to wow your friends at family at the holidays!


The DNR Fan Favorite Cookbook, Volume !

This year we have launched a brand new cookbook, featuring classic recipes discussed over the years on the show and delicious favorites submitted by listeners like you. This cookbook is filled with great ideas and easy recipes reflecting the diverse tastes of the DNR community.

Click here to order the cookbook and get cooking with DNR!


Join The Fun – Submit Your Own Recipe

Would you like your favorite recipe to be included in a future edition of the DNR Fan Favorite cookbook or featured on our website? Submit your recipe here!