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A self-proclaimed Digital/Technical Guru with over 30 years of experience. He’s held senior I.T. & digital leadership positions in a dozen companies of various sizes. From helping novices understand that they must turn the power on to start, to managing global technical environments, he’s seen and done it all (well, almost). If he hasn’t done it, he knows the right people to ask! This may have led to his cynical but can-do nature. He’s a realist, forcing himself to see it as a glass half full… if you have the time and money to pay for it!


Jen Aczualdez thinks she’s a nerd.  She was that kid who always raised her hand in class, knew all the answers to all the algebra homework, and got straight As all through school, including college.  But she had something that most nerds lack: the desire to talk to people. We know, “social nerd” — what an oxymoron.  She originally went to school to be a programmer, but quickly decided that being a real programmer didn’t allow for the level of human interaction she craved.  This launched Jen into an existential crisis and spurred her journey to self-discovery. And look at her today — such a beauty!

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