Internship Program

Following a generous start grant from the Susanne Marcus Collins Foundation, in the fall of 2016, Derek and Romaine partnered with the LGBT Center and the Ali Forney Center to create a digital media intern program in connection with the LEAP Program. This paid internship is designed to train the next generation of content creators in the basics of 21st century broadcasting including editing, sound board operations, call screening, social media, audio software programs, and live show production through both a basic and an advanced internship at the Studio A location.

The Internship Program is presented in two phases: Basic Internship and Advanced Internship. Each Internship is up to 120 hours in length over the course of 6-7 weeks, depending on the schedule of the Studio A facility and the individual intern. At the end of the Basic Internship, the intern is evaluated for continuing on to the second phase Advanced Internship. The Advanced Internship includes a more generous stipend and allows the intern to use the skills acquired in the Basic Internship as well as build on them.

Basic and Advanced Internships successfully completed will provide the interns with critical work experience in the field of digital media as well as finished audio and/or video elements to include in their portfolio should they choose to seek future employment in the broadcast or digital media fields.

Our Internship Program is managed by Katie Castellano, a ten year veteran of the radio industry. Her distinguished and award-winning broadcast career began with a radio internship and over the years has mentored and supervised dozens of interns, several of whom have gone on to careers in broadcast and digital media.

To support the Internship Program, click here. For more information on the LEAP Program, click here. If you would like more information or are interested in hiring one of our past interns or having one of our interns complete their advanced internship with your media company, please contact Katie Castellano.