Subscribing is easy. Just click the SUBSCRIBE button to see your subscription options. Subscribe to an individual show for $6.95 or choose the multishow subscription for $12.95. If you choose multishow, please let us know what show brought you to DNR Studios. Then once you have selected a subscription level, follow the instructions to create an account, and that’s it! You’ll have access to the member-exclusive content on the site — along with downloads for your favorite show. You’ll also find Subscribe Now buttons on the page of your favorite show that will directly connect you to that subscription level.

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We offer two types of subscriptions: Single Show and DNR Studios Plus.

Single Show is an inexpensive way to tailor your subscription to just your favorite program.

DNR Studios Plus is our multi-show package that give listeners the chance to hear & download several shows on-demand.

Once you subscribe to DNR Studios, you can:

  • stream your show(s) live
  • download any episode from that show to your personal device
  • watch other shows on our network after they’ve aired, and
  • hang out with other listeners in our live chat room.
Category: Subscriptions

There’s plenty of great podcasts available on the Internet for free… but their hosts are working for free, too. DNR Studios lets people do what they love — entertaining and connecting with their fans — and actually get paid for doing it. Your monthly subscription goes directly toward supporting your favorite show host, whether their podcast airs daily or weekly. Instead of relying on the virtual tip jars that other sites provide, subscribe to a show on DNR Studios today and enjoy tons of exclusive bonus content on our Meta Player.

Category: Subscriptions

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