• Listen through your mobile device’s Podcast app
      • Log in to DNRStudios through your mobile web browser
      • Click here to go to your Account
      • Scroll down to click the link that says “Private URL” (NOTE: if you have the DNR+ Package, you will see multiple links for the multiple shows included)
      • Your Podcast app should open, and prompt you to subscribe!
      • Now you have access to the Live Stream and previous episodes on the go!
      • Watch the video below for a visual walkthrough! (Note: the video uses Make It Plain as an example, but the steps are identical for all shows)

(You only need to do this once. When new episodes are added, they will automatically load into your Podcasts app.)

NOTE: The Podcasts App on iPhone can get confusing because there are sections called EPISODES (when you first open the app), MY EPISODES (when you open a show in the app) and AVAILABLE EPISODES (where the live stream is).

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