Credit Card Issues: Failed payments, new expiration date, or replaced card

All payments are processed by Stripe, our secure payment processor. We do not see your credit card number and we can’t manually add your credit card number to our system for your own security and protection. Please do not email us your credit card number as this is NOT a secure way to transmit your information and we will never ask you do that.

If your card fails but your card is still active and current, you don’t need to do anything. Stripe will automatically try your card three more times before your subscription is canceled. Stripe also works with your bank to automatically update your expiration date. If your card is compromised and you receive a new card from your bank, Stripe automatically updates your recurring subscription with your new card information. You don’t need to do anything.

If you want to change the card you use on your subscription, follow the links on your invoice you receive from the show or through your account page. If you are a subscriber to Derek and Romaine, Taylor Strecker or Naughty But Nice, you will need to access your account through those sites directly.

To change your subscription, the links are on your Account page just under your current subscription information.

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